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Hearthstone tips: A beginner's guide to losing less

Hearthstone is a difficult game to get better at.

It's not that the game has a steep learning curve — it's that it has like, 75 discrete learning curves, each with their own unique gradient of steepness. What's tricky isn't figuring out what cards have the best synergies, or how to counter the strategies of each class; oftentimes, the hardest part of Hearthstone is just figuring out why you lost. Other than the obvious, which is to say, you got hit too much and all your health went away.

In the video above, we try to introduce some broad concepts that, while not applicable 100 percent of the time, should help you come to a better understanding of Hearthstone's general mechanics. There's a lot, lot more to the game than this guide can cover — but if you've found yourself stuck in a rut after a few hours of Ranked losses, there might just be something in there that can help you out of it.

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