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Sportsfriends - Overview video

Sportsfriends is, in many ways, superior to traditional sports.

For one thing: I am not terrible at Sportsfriends — at least, as not as terrible as I am at real-life basketball, or real-life hockey, the latter of which I've literally never played. You can play Sportsfriends without worrying about suffering a serious injury, unless you're playing Johann Sebastian Joust with some big, strong jerks. It's also just so much more fanciful than actual sports; unless there's actually a sport out there played with vaulting poles and suspended tetherballs.

In this Overview, Chris Plante and I give a whirlwind tour of Sportsfriends four constituent indie games, and attempt to shoutcast a round of Johann Sebastian Joust that none of us can actually see. If, for some reason, those four aren't enough for you, don't forget about Sportsfriends' two secret games!

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