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See Sunset Overdrive in action in first gameplay video

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Insomniac Games is lifting the lid off Sunset Overdrive, its Xbox One-exclusive action-shooter, in an all-new gameplay video that highlights the gunplay, traversal mechanics and colorful mayhem of the post-apocalyptic open-world game.

The four-minute video offers a first look at Sunset Overdrive's high-speed movement, its arsenal of strange weapons and the people, places and enemies that populate Sunset City. Viewers will also get a deeper look at Sunset Overdrive's Amps, power-ups that modify how weapons and player movement behave.

Alongside the gameplay reveal video, Microsoft also announced today that a "Day One Edition" of the game will be released with exclusive digital content. That version includes the following items: the "Nothin' but the Hits" gun, an overcharged version of the vinyl record-launching High Fidelity gun; the "It's Me! Fizzie!" outfit, which lets you dress up as FizzCo's menacing cartoon mascot; and the "Hardcore Hammer," a melee hammer made from a bat and spiked dumbbells.

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