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Hohokum hits PlayStation devices this summer

A video released today for Hohokum explores the game's art style and reveals a summer 2014 release window for the whimsical exploration game.

Press play above to see art director Richard Hogg, programmer Ricky Haggett and animator Angus Dick discuss Hohokum's art. Stick around to hear the story of how a picture Hogg drew and sent to Haggett served as inspiration for the game that's headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Hohokum's developers also launched "a shiny new website" for the game.

"There you’ll find all of the screenshots, videos, and artwork we’ve released to date, as well as new little nuggets that we’ll be dropping every couple of weeks," Hogg wrote today on the PlayStation Blog. "Things like the following mysterious images. What are they? Are they screenshots? Concept art? Desktop wallpaper? Should you get one of them tattooed on your back? (Probably not) I’m saying nothing."

You can check out those images on the PlayStation Blog.

For more on Hohokum, be sure to read Polygon's interview with the developers, where you'll learn why they avoided using the DualShock 4's technology. You can also see Hohokum in action in the music video below.

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