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World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition 1.1 update adds weather system, vehicles and maps

The latest addition to World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, the 1.2 update, introduces a new weather systems, new vehicles and new maps.

The weather system adds rain, snow and night-time to the game. Rainstorm variant are now added to three maps, two maps receive the night variant, while one map gets the snowstorm variant. Two new maps are also introduced in the game, the Fisherman's Bay and Abbey.

Update 1.1 features six new American-themed tanks, the M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T25/2, T28 Prototype, T30 and T110E4. The game receives eight new achievements, HUD tweaks, UI fixes along with audio and control changes. Crew training can now be upgraded to 80-100 percent without needing to change tanks and the UI now updates correctly when an unassigned crew is assigned to the current tank.

Check out the new features in the video above and read the full update on World of Tanks' official website.

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