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Godus 2.0.5 changes storms and redesigns settlements

Godus version 2.0.5 brings changes to the storm and settlements systems, according to a post this week on the game's Steam forums.

With 2.0.5, storms — weather events that can damage dwellings (Abodes, in Godus terms) outside of settlements — can now replenish resource chests, which previously disappeared after being opened.

Settlements — groups of buildings, including Abodes, within a defined geographical area — have a new strategic element, according to the forum post. Ore mining and wheat farming now depend on several factors, including how many mines and farms players build; how many workers are in each; the buffs applied; and each location's proximity to a settlement.

Because of the new features, Godus' redesigned agriculture bar now shows how many resources players have mined per hour.

"This brings an element of strategy as to which paths you decide to focus on pursuing — be it farming, mining or population," the post reads. "If you pursue all resources then you have the challenge of choosing where to invest your stickers."

The latest version of developer 22Cans' god game is available now through Steam Early Access' "opt-in branch," where players can choose to download versions of a game that aren't quite ready for an official release. Known issues include a freeze upon quitting, debris left behind after meteorite strikes and problems carrying over existing save games.

Press play above to see 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux and designer Jack Attridge discuss Godus version 2.0.5, which Molyneux acknowledges "is a little scrappy" at the moment. Keep watching, and about seven minutes in you'll hear the founder tease that the game is "about to get an awful lot bigger." You can see Godus' world in the trailer below.

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