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VizionEck is bringing VizionEck to PS4

VizionEck, a first-person shooter in which you play as a cube from a developer that shares a name with its first game, is headed to PlayStation 4, founder Michael Armbrust announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

In VizionEck, you play as a Ranger in a world "focused on being clean and elegant" and "mathematically 'exact.'"

"It also creates a great environment for the gameplay," Armbrust wrote. "One example of this is how VizionEck’s health system works. As a Ranger, your health is displayed as the brightness of your outlines. Solid white and you’re as healthy as an ox. Almost black and you’re on the brink of destruction. Even the smallest enemy shot would mark your end."

Armbrust pointed to the game's spawn room as another gameplay benefit of VizionEck's harmonious design.

"There are 24 blocks in the spawn room above, but not all of them are Rangers," he wrote. "By just staying still, you can hide in plain sight. Other players will not know if you’re just a block or if you’re a Ranger. If the enemy blasts the wrong block, it leaves that player vulnerable for a counterattack."

Press play above to see a trailer for VizionEck, which its creator says contains "a lot of secrets and game features hidden in it."

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