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Destiny gameplay video: The classes, customization and PvP

Want to catch a glimpse of Destiny, the new shooter-MMO hybrid from the makers of Halo? We hope so, because we have a lot of glimpses to share.

We were recently allowed access to Destiny's early Alpha test, during which we got a chance to check out a small cross-section of the game. What we saw was awfully promising: Picture the punchy combat loops and fast-paced gunplay of Halo, combined with the progression hooks of a modern MMO. Imagine tackling groups of enemies in familiar fashion, with all manner of rifles, grenades and special abilities — but sometimes, those enemies drop hats with better stats than the hat that you're currently wearing. Now you're getting it!

Above you can watch a full match of the game's competitive multiplayer portion, called The Crucible. In those Player vs. Player modes, you use your persistent character from the rest of the game, and earn a special currency that can be spent on unique gear. If you're more interested in the game's cooperative moments, check out the videos below for a demonstration of all three of Destiny's classes, as well as a runthrough of the game's character creation system.

Character Creation

Titan Gameplay

Hunter Gameplay

Warlock Gameplay

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