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Report: Star Fox 'rethink' coming to Wii U, two secret projects in the works

A new Star Fox game is headed to the Wii U as one of Shigeru Miyamoto's "top-secret" projects, Time magazine reported this morning.

According to the article, the Star Fox game is at least a year away.

Speaking to Time magazine, the article has since been removed from the site, Miyamoto said that if the Star Fox franchise is a movie series, this upcoming Star Fox would be a TV series.

The game will use GamePad-based controls to aim and fire the Arwing's weapons, while using the the thumbstick to accelerate, turn and do tricks. The game will also let you turn the Arwing into a land tank.

The article also talks about two other ideas in the works by Miyamoto: Project Giant Robot and Project Guard. Giant Robot has players controlling massive robots with the GamePad motion controls, viewing the world through the robot's eyes on the GamePad and the bigger world view on the television. Project Guard has players hopping between security cameras located around a fortress as they fire lasers at attacking robots.

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