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Small World 2 is bringing Tournament Style updates to Mac, Android and Steam

Days of Wonder's board game-turned-digital game Small World 2 is launching on Mac, Android and Steam platforms, the developer announced today.

Small World 2 Tournament Style launches with a number of new features including an online lobby with real-time chat, lists of connected players and game creation. Additionally, both single sessions and multi sessions are available. In Single Session, an AI can take over if a player quits out of the game. Multi Session includes the new system of multiplayer that allows users to decide in advance how much time will be allocated to each player for the entire game. Players who run out of time lose the game.

According to the developer, the player clock duration is adjustable to the minute, with a number of preset durations available for tournament play as well as leisurely play. Tournament Style also now includes ranking, private games, persistent in-game chat and an improved invitation system.

Finally, players can now start a game on one system and continue on another, as well as challenge friends on any platform.

Small World 2 is the digital follow up to the fantasy board game that precedes it, and a follow up to Small World which launched nearly three years ago as one of the first board games developed for the iPad.

The franchise, which includes both physical games and digital games, along with expansions, has so far sold over 650,000 copies worldwide.

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