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Titanfall's new Marked For Death mode causes muscle contractions

Not only is Marked for Death, the newest mode for Respawn's Titanfall, reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Running Man but it will also cause anxiety-induced muscle contractions, as we found out with our hands-on today at E3 2014.

The mode begins with a random player on each team marked for death. Teammates can either hunt down the opposing targeted player, highlighted as red on the map, or defend their marked teammate, lit up as blue. Pilots are awarded points for certain accomplishments, such as kills, deaths, protecting targeted teammate and surviving as marked player.

Several cycles of randomly targeted players happen throughout the process of one match, depending how long Pilots survive with the death note hanging off their heads. Players are given a warning if they are randomly chosen as a targeted player in the next cycle.

Seeing the text appear across the screen sentencing death caused my back muscles to clench up. My go-to tactic as a marked Pilot was to call my Titan in remote mode, if available, and parkour along walls, finding paths along the interior and exteriors of buildings to make it difficult for enemies to keep on my tail. Surviving as a headhunted player feels great, while ending the life of an opposing marked player, especially one hunkering down like a desperado in his or her Titan, creates a sense of accomplishment.

Marked for Death creates moving targets and it has the power to either instill a sense of apprehension or evoke the bloodthirsty hunter, depending where the death notes falls. The new mode will be introduced to Respawn's futuristic shooter in its upcoming June title update, which also consists of Titan customization and Titan burn cards. The update will arrive in the coming weeks for Xbox One and Windows PC, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella told Polygon. The Xbox 360 version will follow shortly after, with Zampella reiterating that updates for the Xbox 360 port will see a delayed release to due Bluepoint Games' efforts to integrate the patches.

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