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Rainbow Six Siege will let you do damage in creative ways

Rainbow Six Siege's procedural destruction system, a system where the environment responds to the damage players inflict, exists to encourage player creativity, according to game designer Andrew Witts.

Speaking to Polygon, Witts said the procedural destruction system was balanced on gameplay opportunities. When players shoot at a gyps wall, it will break like a gyps wall. If they shoot at a wooden floor, it will fall through like a wooden floor. The damage inflicted is based on the materials of the game world, which means players won't be able to destroy entire environments, but they will be able to use them to their advantage.

"Our environments are based on a layered material system," Witts said. "So in some maps, players can't destroy certain things, but they can shoot through them."

This, he said, will allow players to be creative in how they use the environment to their tactical advantage. Witts gave an example of a match he played in which he was outnumbered three to one as a defender. His teammates, who gathered intel via security cameras, were able to warn him of where the attackers were, so he made a gunshot hole through a wall, threw a C-4 explosive into the room and took out all three attackers.

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