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Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3 in photos

In a nod to fans, Nintendo invited 16 Super Smash Bros. players from around the world in a tournament hosted at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Main stage and arena

Spotlights of all colors and sizes dazzled the crowd as the tournament went underway. Thousands were in attendance, and during exciting moments, the entire theatre shook with noise.

The crowd starting to fill in prior to the start of the tournament.

The arena at full spectacle just before the start of the grand finals.

Players and Commentators

It wasn't just the crowd that was having fun. Players jumped, hugged, cheered while commentators shouted in glee and horror as matches were decided.

D1 enjoys audience cheers during the commentator introduction.

Crs.HungryBox celebrates his victory.

Prog, Scar, and D1 in disbelief.

Grand Finals celebration

After CTZeRo's victory at the Grand Finals, Reggie joined the players and commentators on stage to present the trophy. Also featuring a surprise appearance by Mew2King.

The two grand finalists hug it out after CTZeRo's takes the championship.

The players and commentators together on stage after the tournament.

Seeing Mew2King in the audience, players beckon for him to come up.

Mew2King on stage.

Security is not amused, however, and asks Mew2King to step back off the stage.

Audience and fans

The life blood of Super Smash Bros., the fans and audience form the backbone of the game's enduring legacy. Holding character flipboards that Nintendo handed out, fans were encouraged to use them to show support during "Fan Favorite" segments.