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Which franchise does the head of Ubisoft think will be their biggest money maker?

Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six, The Crew, Ghost Recon, Rayman, Far Cry, Raving Rabbids, The Division: Ubisoft has a slew of popular game franchises, but which does the company's CEO think has the potential to be their biggest money maker?

"I think the one that is generating the more revenue is Assassin's Creed," Yves Guillemot said during a recent dinner. "The one that we feel can, the two that we feel can generate more, that can bring more customers are Watch Dogs and The Division, I think.

"Those two because RPG on one side and open-world, modern open-world on the other. They can increase the number of people that can be interested in the subject."

At this year's E3, Ubisoft detailed Assassin's Creed Unity, announced Far Cry 4 and when Watch Dogs is going to arrive on the Wii U, discussed racing game The Crew and open-world shooter The Division, among other things.

In terms of important franchises, Guillemot said, the next in the list would be Just Dance. Already a popular franchise, he believes it will be getting a massive boost with the release of the mobile-phone controlled Just Dance Now.

Guillemot said he also expected that Just Dance Now would be the biggest surprise coming from Ubisoft at this year's E3. The approach, which allows players to use a smartphone and any sort of connected screen like a computer or Smart TV, could massively increase the install base of the dancing game, he said.

It's already attracted the attention of advertisers.

"Coca Cola is going to invest a lot on this," he said. "We signed quite a big deal with them where they are going to market Just Dance and they want to take that big time.

"It's a big deal between the two companies."

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