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Busting a fresh move in Destiny gives you an advantage in competitive multiplayer

You can do many interesting things in Destiny, but of course your character's fresh moves are always going to be a major draw. The team at Bungie heard about an interesting glitch in the game during E3 however: Dancing along to some fresh beats gives you a a pretty substantial advantage in battle.

"We get data from everything: where players are, what they’re doing in the world, where they’re dying, if they’re out of ammo, win / losses, any bug reports, we have the alpha site running so if people want to provide anecdotal evidence or if they have a screenshot or hit the share button to show the evidence," Eric Osbourne, the head of community for Destiny and a writer at Bungie told Polygon. All that data and fan involvement leads to some interesting bug reports.

"We just had someone telling us on the showfloor that ‘oh hey when I dance I can kind go into third-person in multiplayer and look around cover,’ and now the team is back at the office thinking about… you know they, knew about it," Osbourne said. "But is it a problem? Is it okay? Everyone can do it!"

They're still working out what to do with "features" such as this, and that's part of the challenge and fun of running an alpha. "We learn a lot from these tests," he said. "It’s a real alpha, it’s not a marketing alpha."

My vote? I'd love to see it kept in. Players dancing when they pause on the battlefield could be the best thing to happen to online shooters in a long time.

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