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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call will act as the 'base' for future additions

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is still planned as the last game in the rhythm-based, spin-off series, but the game will act as a "base" for any additions through downloadable content, producer Ichiro Hazama told Polygon via a translator during a recent interview.

As the Final Fantasy franchise continues to grow, it will gain new characters and more music. According to Hazama, Curtain Call will make it easy to add that extra content.

"We wanted to make it so Curtain Call is like your base," he said, "and then you would add more songs as newer titles joined the roster and be able to accommodate for DLC or things like that and build upon it. But that would be our final form of Theatrhythm that handles the Final Fantasy songs.

"In terms of Final Fantasy songs, we will continue to produce new Final Fantasy titles and with that, there'll be new songs added to the repertoire."

According to Hazama, Theatrhythm and its sequel have been so successful because the team chose to not cut corners. The series' music, which Hazama described as the the cake of Final Fantasy, and iconic characters have also helped with its popularity.

"No matter where you cut and where you eat, it's still a tasty piece of cake," Hazama said. "With Theatrhythm, I made sure to kind of pick up the ante on the music flavor, the rhythm flavor of the Final Fantasy elements.

"We're focusing on that music aspect of Final Fantasy, but we make sure to not cut corners and make it as polished as possible. That's what I focused on in this game, and I am confident that if we continue to do that and bring a really polished product, people will enjoy it and it won't be yet another spin-off that's just out there. I want to continue making games like that."

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call is already available in Japan. The game is slated for launch in North America this September on Nintendo 3DS.

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