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Check out this artwork for Mike Bithell's Volume

Indie developer Mike Bithell shared the "cover art" for his upcoming stealth game Volume today, depicting the game's protagonist altered to fit the art style of the game itself.

The artwork, shown below in full, was created by illustrator A. J. Hateley. Hately is also a co-founder and director of GameTee, an online shop feature t-shirts sporting video game-inspired artwork. Hately's image for Volume will be used in all the game's promotional materials, according to Bithell.

The art can be viewed on Bithell's website, along with more Volume concept artwork by artist Daz Watford.

Last week, Bithell shared a live-action trailer for Volume introducing Gisborne Industries, one of the game's main presences. The game will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Mac OS and Windows PC later this year.