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Final Fantasy Explorers will have local and online multiplayer modes

Final Fantasy Explorers — the upcoming Monster Hunter-like Final Fantasy spin-off for Nintendo 3DS — will feature both local and online multiplayer modes, according to Game Watch.

In Final Fantasy Explorers, up to four players can select a job class — a unique combat style — and set out together exploring the in-game world and completing quests. Players will run up against Summons, powerful creatures that have made appearances in various Final Fantasy games spanning the franchise.

The game will allow for connectivity through local wireless for ad-hoc multiplayer, or online via Wi-Fi connection for faraway friends. Final Fantasy Explorers can also be played in single-player mode.

Currently, developer Square Enix has announced four possible job classes for players to choose from: Black Mage, White Mage, Monk and Knight. The former two use magic — one dark magic, one healing magic — while the latter two use physical attacks. Monks fight with bare hands, while Knights use swords and shields.

Mutliplayer action role-playing game Final Fantasy Explorers was announced last week for launch in Japan. There is currently no word on a localized Western version.

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