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Destiny PlayStation-exclusive content includes maps, guns and ships

PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners will receive exclusive access in Destiny to co-op and competitive maps, as well as special weapons and gear, social media manager Sid Shuman announced via the PlayStation Blog.

The Dust Palace Strike map offers three-person cooperative play in which players track an extraction team through an ancient skyscraper. The Exodus Blue competitive multiplayer map, meanwhile, is a "mid-sized Crucible arena that pairs perfectly with Control and Skirmish game mode."

Players will also get access to the Aurora Wake, Crypt Hammer and Outrageous Fortune ships, and the Monte Carlo assault rifle and Hawkmoon hand cannon. Special gear includes the Manifold Seeker armor for the Warlock class, the Vanir for the Titan class and the Argus for hunters.

Destiny enters beta mode July 17 on PS3 and PS4, while the Xbox 360 and Xbox One edition are expected at a later date. Earlier today, Bungie extended the game's alpha for "dangerous experiments." The game is expected to launch on all four platforms Sept. 9.

A Windows PC version of the game has not been officially announced, though Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg said that the port is something the company is "looking at very carefully."