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If Valve had a musical E3 press conference, here's what it would look like

The feature allowing players to make Miis put on concerts in Nintendo 3DS life sim Tomodachi Life has spawned some creative and truly weird YouTube videos. This "what-if" video featuring a musical version of an E3 press conference held by Valve, however, my just take the cake for the strangest video game conflagration ever made within the feature.

The video above, by YouTube user "OniNeoxes," takes a musical spin on what it might look like if Valve Corporation held its own briefing event at E3. The song, "sung" by a Mii representing Gabe Newell, starts off innocently enough with the announcement of the existence of Half-Life 3... but then takes a dark turn before an abrupt ending.

Check out our review of Tomodachi Life for more details on how you, too, can create fake musical press conferences with Miis. But if you're more interested in coverage of the real-life E3, check out our dedicated hub featuring information on all the expo's major hits.

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