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Dota 2 scam phishes account info with promise of rare items

Dota 2 players should be on the lookout for a phishing scam that promises speciality in-game items in exchange for personal information, reports Malwarebytes.

A website offering rare keys and Arcana items for Dota 2 — — prompts players to enter their Yahoo email address and password in order to claim them. Once the information is entered, a page stating the site will "get back to you as soon as possible" pops up.

The website was reported on the Steam community forums a few days ago. Dota 2 players on Valve's platform are encouraged to fortify their Steam accounts and steer clear of any shady sites promising in-game items.

Dota 2 is one of the more popular multiplayer online battle arenas currently on the market. The prize pool for the game's annual The International tournament, set to take place July 18-21 in Seattle, has reached $9,590,755 from sales of its Compendium companion book.

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