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Space Quest successor now slated for release in spring or summer 2015

SpaceVenture — the Kickstarter-funded successor to Two Guys from Andromeda's Space Quest series — is now slated to release sometime between March and June 2015, according to an update to the game's campaign page.

SpaceVenture's Kickstarter campaign kicked off in May 2012 and met its funding goal, pulling in $539,767 from 10,809 backers. The game was initially slated to be released in Feb. 2013 but missed the deadline.

"We have avoided giving an official release date due to many major unexpected challenges we have encountered as we've progressed through the development process of the first new game by our new company," reads the post. "Everyone who has ever worked on a first project of any kind, and especially a game in a new environment, knows there are ‘growing pains', especially with that very first one."

Two Guys from Andromeda noted that the game's story is complete, while the gameplay, animations and audio are only about a third of the way done. The developers do not expect any other factors to impede the final stretch of development, though they reasserted their commitment to not pushing out the game before it's ready.

"We will not let the game suffer due to being pushed by a hard deadline," reads the post. "Know that first and foremost, we are shooting for an adventure game the type of which we offered and for which our fans asked, an ‘old-school adventure with new tech and design lessons learned' game you backed through Kickstarter and PayPal."

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