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Watch Team Fortress 2's biggest, most elaborate short film, 'Expiration Date'

The latest Team Fortress 2 animated short is Valve's biggest, clocking in at nearly 15 minutes and telling the tale of a lovelorn Scout's attempt to strike up a romance with clerical assistant/corpse disposal expert Miss Pauling. It's also an action-packed film in which the Red team confronts a deadly new enemy: bread.

The release of the short film, "Expiration Date," coincides with Valve's latest update for the free-to-play Team Fortress 2, the Love and War Update. The update will bring with it new expressions that let TF2 players dance the conga, lovingly headbutt each other, square dance and more.

There's apparently more planned for the Love and War Update than just emotes and new achievements, with the full extent of Valve's plans playing out over the next few days.

Valve's previous Team Fortress 2 video focused on the Medic class and the Two Cities Update. The developer has been making videos based on the game's characters and gameplay updates since 2007, when it released its "Meet the Heavy" video.

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