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Another World comes to PS4 next week

Another World, the classic platformer by Eric Chahi, the creator of From Dust, will come to PlayStation 4 on June 25, Sony announced yesterday.

Re-releasing the game for PS4 posed a technical challenge, according to Chahi and Martial Hesse-Dreville, a freelance game developer. They had to render the original game at 2560 by 1600 pixels with clean, anti-aliased polygon edges. Chahi also edited the backgrounds for display at a higher resolution, in full color. Animations also had to be refined to keep rough edges out of the game.

There's more about the updating process on PlayStation Blog.

Another World is 23 years old, and was originally published for a range of early PCs in 1991 before being adapted and re-released on numerous other platforms since then. A 20th Anniversary Edition of the game launched on Steam last spring.

Another World was one of 14 titles inaugurating the Museum of Modern Art's video game collection, and has recently become the subject of a fan-made, live-action movie effort.

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