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Tropico 5 update adds three maps

Tropico 5 has released an update that adds three maps for the game's sandbox mode, among other fixes and balances to the banana republic simulator.

The three maps are Isla de Tucan, Dos Rios and Santa Teresa. The update also delivers six new costumes for the family members in your despot's dynasty: Angel (female), Devil (female), Steampunk (female), Uncle Pedro (male), Napoleon (male) and Steampunk (male).

The retail PC version of the game launched just yesterday. It has been available digitally on Steam for Windows PC since May 23. Versions for Linux, Mac OS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 are planned for later this year.

Earlier this month, Polygon scored Tropico a 6.5, saying the game "so entirely lacks compassion that it made me feel like a bully."

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