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Outlast and Whistleblower DLC hits Xbox One

Red Barrels' survival horror title Outlast and its Whistleblower downloadable content is available now from the Xbox Games Store for the Xbox One priced at $19.99 and $8.99, respectively.

While the store lists the game's release date on the platform as June 24, it is now currently available for purchase. Outlast, the story of which revolves around an independent journalist breaking into a repurposed mental asylum after receiving a tip-off, launched on Windows PC on Sept. 4 and PS4 on Feb. 5.

Whistleblower, the first downloadable content for the horror game, was first released on PS4 and Windows PC in MayThe DLC drops players into the role of the anonymous tipster, a contract software engineer called Weylon Park, and focusses on the events leading up to the main game. The DLC also explores beyond the events of the first game to reveal the final chapter in Mount Massive Asylum's story.

To learn more about Outlast, be sure to read our review and interview with Red Barrels' co-founder Philippe Morin. You can also watch us play the horror title in the Overview video below.

Thank you, Joe Baillie.

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