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Gone Home developer establishes new studio to explore the outer edges of games

Johnnemann Nordhagen, co-creator of last year's Gone Home, has established a new development studio called Dim Bulb Games.

"Gone Home was a fabulous experience to work on, and it was also critically and commercially successful," told Polygon via email. "Which gave me the opportunity to try some new things, and work on some stuff that I wanted to pursue. Starting a new studio gives me the opportunity to do that."

Nordhagen was one of four that made up the Fullbright Company who went on to develop multi-award winning and Game of the Year Gone Home. Former BioShock designer Steve Gaynor announced in 2012 that he had established Oregon-based independent studio, The Fullbright Company, alongside fellow 2K Marin colleagues Johnnemann Nordhagen and Karla Zimonja. For the time being, Nordhagen is not ready to divulge any details about possible projects in the pipeline for his new studio.

"There are a few more ducks to get in a row, ideas to test out and discard or fix, and friends to recruit," he wrote "But I think that what I eventually have to share will be pretty exciting! It's really hard to wait, I'm so excited."

Nordhagen's new development company is based in San Francisco. And while he is currently the sole team member, he will be announcing collaborators in the coming weeks and months that he'll be working with to explore and push the video game medium.

"I feel right now is an exciting time for games, because there's all sorts of studios and people exploring the outer edges of what games can be," Nordhagen wrote. "Tale of Tales, Cardboard Computer, Lucas Pope, and so many other people are helping to break new ground in games, and I want to help. The vision is for weird and wonderful things, perhaps tinged with melancholy and layered in dust, like an old lightbulb ;-)."

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