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Watch Dogs patch fixing corrupted saves, online issues rolling out this week

A patch that will "reconstruct" corrupted save files and rectify online issues is rolling out across all platforms for Watch Dogs this week, according to a post on the Ubisoft forums.

The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 patches are both available now, while the PC patch will launch in the coming days. Patches for Xbox 360 and Xbox One are taking a little longer and will be available within the week.

In addition to fixing files broken by a loading bug — which had been preventing some users from booting the game up in the first place — the patch removes several mission-breaking bugs and improves issues preventing players from joining one another's sessions in online mode.

Some collectibles from previously-broken safe files, however, may not be recoverable, according to the post. An issue preventing players from using hacks in certain circumstances has also been fixed.

A handful of minor fixes have also been made to specifically for the PC version. Graphical glitches on Low and Medium settings have been fixed and some improvements to controls and performance have been made, while bugs in the "Drinking" and "Chess" minigames have been squashed.

Watch Dogs launched last month for PS3, PS4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The PC version did not work well at launch and has been plagued with problems since. For more details on how the game looks across platforms, check out our comparison video below.

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