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MLG app now available on Xbox One

The Major League Gaming app is now available on Xbox One, according to a post on Xbox Wire.

The MLG app, which allows users to watch competitive content, MLG news and live broadcasts, is already available on Xbox 360. The app's release on Xbox One kicks off just in time for the MLG Championship taking place June 20 - 22 in Anaheim, Calif., which will include coverage of the competition and the league's best players. The competition will feature matches in Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killer Instinct and more.

"MLG showcases the best in competitive gaming and we will continue to release new competitive content and introduce new streamers via the platform in the coming months," MLG CEO and co-founder Sundance DiGiovanni said.

Microsoft announced the MLG app for Xbox One, along with more than 45 others, earlier this month; the majority are expected to hit by the end of the holiday season. With the addition, more than 225 apps worldwide will be available for Xbox consoles.