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Retro Game Challenge 2 fan-made localization available

The fan-made localization for Retro Game Challenge 2, known in Japan as Game Center CX: Arino no Chōsenjō 2, is now available from the Game Center CX Patch website.

Developed by indieszero, the series is based is based on the television series GameCenter CX where comedian Shinya Arino plays retro video games in marathon sessions. Retro Game Challenge 2 features 15 games styled off Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Famicom Disk System titles and "improves upon all the features from its predecessor, being more expansive, packing more content and playing better."

While the original launched in North America two years after its Japanese release in 2007, Xseed Games previously stated that an English localization of the 2009 sequel was unlikely due to disappointing sales in the region. Project lead Aaron Tokunaga-Chmielowiec and a group of volunteers working on art and text began developing on the translation in 2013. Full details on how to download and run the patch is available on the Game Center CX Patch website.