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Without Memory is an upcoming PS4 game developed with Unreal Engine 4

Developer Dinosaurum Games' next release Without Memory will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, the studio confirmed today with the launch of the game's official website.

Without Memory, developed in Unreal Engine 4, is described as a third-person psychological thriller inspired by Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. The game is said to follow a girl called Anna who wakes up in the woods with no memory. All actions will directly affect the storyline and the state of the protagonist. The player is tasked with making difficult decisions that they will have to bear responsibility for.

Like Heavy Rain, Without Memory will also make use of what the studio is referring to as a "modernized" take on quick-time effects. There will also be logic puzzles and side-quests, as well as a conversation system using the DualShock 4 touch pad.