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The Last of Us co-leads are overseeing the next Uncharted

Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, the Naughty Dog duo who oversaw The Last of Us, are now in charge of the next Uncharted game, co-president Evan Wells told Game Informer.

Naughty Dog revealed the PlayStation 4 game last November, at a time when game director Justin Richmond and creative director Amy Hennig were attached to the project. Hennig left the developer in March, as did Richmond.

Druckmann and Straley are Uncharted veterans who worked on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted: Among Thieves. They took over at Wells and fellow president Christophe Balestra's request.

"It's not so much a transition period, actually," Wells said. "We've asked them to lead the project. They are excited as veterans of the Uncharted franchise to take the responsibility and they're doing great."

Wells said that the development team has made "enormous progress" since its leadership team changed.

"They also had a lot of really good experience with the development of The Last of Us and some production philosophies that they're able to incorporate into the production of Uncharted. That's benefitted the team a lot as well."