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Nintendo 64 games could be hitting the Wii U Virtual Console soon

After a long silence on when players could expect to find Nintendo 64 games on the Wii U Virtual Console, Nintendo posted a notice to its official website explicitly mentioning additions from its 1996 console.

Back when the Virtual Console first launched in North America, Nintendo mentioned briefly that it planned to bring titles from older consoles to the online platform, including the N64. For the better part of a year and a half, the digital catalogue stocked solely NES and SNES titles.

Nintendo's website now asks players to check back regularly for news on the "future addition of titles from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 systems."

In January of this year, Nintendo announced that Nintendo DS titles would hit the Wii U VC soon, now that Nintendo had overcome the technical hurdles necessary to due so. The following month, the company announced that Game Boy Advance titles would come to the Wii U VC in April. Just earlier this month, the first DS title, Brain Age, hit the Japanese Virtual Console.

There has been no word on the addition of GameCube titles to the Wii U Virtual Console, and Wii titles are playable on Nintendo's latest hardware using the special Wii Mode.

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