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Freddie Prinze, Jr. is Dragon Age: Inquisition's Iron Bull

Actor Freddie Prinze, Jr. will voice the Iron Bull in BioWare's upcoming fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition, the developer announced today with a short video.

According to BioWare, the Iron Bull is the "biggest, baddest, toughest mercenary in all of Thedas." Prinze briefly describes the character, who "looks one way and acts another," as a different kind of Quinari than players have encountered in the past: emotional and outspoken.

You can watch the video above to see Prinze reflect on the character and do voicework in the studio.

This is the second game from BioWare that Prinze has made an appearance in. In Mass Effect 3, Prinze voiced a solider named James Vega who joined Commander Shepard on his or her quest.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches Oct. 9 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For more on the game, check out our in-depth preview from E3 2014.

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