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Resogun's local co-op, ship editor, arrives this weekend for free

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The local co-op multiplayer Resogun's creator's teased back in April will arrive by the end of today, along with a Ship Editor and other features. The update is free.

Housemarque, makers of the game, said the update lays the foundation for the upcoming Heroes expansion to the game (which will cost $5). The ship editor (pictured) allows players to position weapons and engines on a vessel as well as adjust its attributes in areas such as agility, boost and overdrive. Creations may be shared online as well, so players may build their own or download one from the community.

Local co-op will join more trophies (and even more coming with the Heroes expansion). Housemarque also has rebalanced the game to neutralize exploits that had resulted in very high scores. While Resogun's leaderboards will be reset, those who had top positions on them will be immortalized in a Hall of Fame "to show future generations the level of skill (and in some cases sneakiness) that was shown by our community in the early months of Resogun."

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