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CVG reportedly saved following strong industry support and buyer interest

Gaming website Computer And Video Games will remain open with a reduced editorial team, MCV reports.

The publication understands that CVG staff have been notified that its writing team spanning the U.K., U.S. and Australia will be reduced to three. Parent company Future is then expected to review the publication's future in December. According to MCV, Future reconsidered its plans to shutter CVG following industry support after the news first broke and that a number of media brands approached the company to acquire CVG.

Reports that the company was facing closure first surfaced last month as Future sought to make changes across its brands. At the time, Future CEO Zillah Byng-Maddick reportedly emailed staff explaining that the company's current business model wasn't "working hard enough," and that it needed to "change and fast."

Members of Future UK were then put on a "45-day consultation period," while massive changes were expected across several of the company's websites. The company staffed around 900 and includes game publications such as Edge, Gamesmaster, Official Nintendo, Official Xbox and Official PlayStation.

Late last month, Future reported a £30.6 million ($50.4M) loss for the first half of this year. It announced 170 job losses and a deal to sell off some of its titles. Its games operations currently in London are due to be relocated to lower cost headquarters in Bath, England.