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Destiny's alpha saw over 6 million games played

The alpha test for Bungie's Destiny that launched on PlayStation 4 earlier this month brought on more than 6 million player games, with "too many [Guardians] to count" served with in-game dance parties, according to a post on the Bungie blog.

The post, written by Community Manager David Dague, shares a handful of statistics from the almost week-long testing phase. In addition to the exactly 6,461,871 games played, players also engaged in 149,522,313 primary weapon kills, 21,782,610 secondary weapon kills and 4,002,737 heavy weapon kills. Super abilities were accessed for final kills 21,687,298 times. Players also took down 60,491,944 Fallen Dregs, the lowest class of four-armed humanoid creatures that roam the Earth and the Moon and Destiny's most common encounter.

"Putting our Alpha out there lit a new kind of fire here at Bungie," Dague wrote. "It feels like we've been reborn. Putting alpha code out in the wild is always a risk; that build is ancient by our standards, riddled with content and bugs we'd never allow through to ship. In many cases, the really rough and jagged edges had been hammered smooth long ago, making it all the more difficult to see them discovered, but in just as many others, there's still work to do, and the only way to get it done is to let you touch down in our world to tear the place wide open."

Players also gathered 2,819,211 Orbs of Light, captured 6,850,773 control points in the Crucible — Destiny's multiplayer mode — and were awarded 1,195 Deathless Medals. Approximately 4,356 splatters were made with the land-based Sparrow vehicle.

During the alpha phase, players joined in 667,966 publicly-held events as well.

Destiny's alpha phase launched for PS4 on Thursday, June 12 and was extended past its initial weekend-long run for "dangerous experiments." The beta will hit PS3 and PS4 on July 17.