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Final Fantasy 8 on PC updated with game-boosting 'cheats'

Final Fantasy 8 on Windows PC has expanded its library of game boosters, giving players more options to quickly play through more difficult parts of the role-playing game, Square Enix announced.

These "cheats" are optional — players can activate them individually as wanted — and are designed to make the game easier for returning players and veterans alike who may just want to experience the storyline or certain other parts of the game. New boosters include:

  • High Speed Mode, which allows players to fast forward through certain parts of the game including battles and cutscenes.
  • Battle Assistance, which keeps all party members' ATB and HP gauges full and makes special Limit Break attacks always available. This booster is designed for particularly grueling boss battles and the high-level Ultima/Omega Weapon battle. In this mode, however, characters who take hits higher than their HP points will still die.
  • 9999, which makes all normal attacks, some Limit Breaks and some Guardian Force attacks deal 9,999 damage.
  • AP Max, which lets Guardian Force summons max out their abilities.
  • Magic and Gil Max, which gives players 100 of each acquired magic spell and the maximum limit of in-game Gil currency.
Final Fantasy 8 is available for Windows PC through Square Enix's website or directly via Steam.