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Harmonix opens up its office to indie studio Proletariat

Harmonix is now sharing its office space in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with another tenant: the local indie studio Proletariat, Harmonix announced today.

Proletariat has 12 employees, according to its website, and they moved in over the weekend. The company's previous office was also located in Cambridge. Harmonix publicist Nick Chester clarified in a blog post that there's no ownership or development relationship between the two studios; they're just sharing an office, not working on any games together.

The team at Proletariat is currently working on its first game, World Zombination (image above), a strategy title that is in development on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC. The studio expects to release the game this year.

Proletariat was founded by five former members of Zynga Boston in October 2012, shortly after Zynga shut down that studio. Along with Zynga, Proletariat's team includes individuals who previously worked at companies such as Electronic Arts, Harmonix, Insomniac Games and Turbine.

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