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Blue Estate trailer introduces crazy Tony Luciano ahead of tomorrow's PS4 release

Blue Estate, Parisian developer Hesaw's gyroscopic shooter, will arrive on the PlayStation 4 this week, and a trailer released today shows off its protagonist and his violent tendencies.

The on-rails shooter will be released through the PlayStation Network June 24 in the U.S. and June 25 in Europe. The game will retail for $19.99, and PlayStation Plus subscribers can purchase it for $15.99 — a 20 percent discount.

Check out the trailer above, which stars Blue Estate's protagonist, Tony Luciano, the son of a crime boss and a homicidal maniac.

Blue Estate "takes only seconds to get used to and hours to master," said Viktor Kalvachev earlier this month.

"You basically point the controller and squeeze the trigger; you don't ever have to use the joysticks," said the creator of the comic on which the game is based. "For all the gestures we're using the touch pad, which gives the opportunity for unique gameplay experiences, depending on how players choose to hold and interact with the controller."

Blue Estate is also in development for Xbox One, according to publisher Focus Home Interactive, though a release date on that platform has not yet been announced.

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