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Natural Selection 2: Combat trailer unveils the return of the Devour ability

The latest trailer for Faultline Games' Natural Selection 2: Combat, the upcoming standalone game born from a Natural Selection 2 mod, offers a look at the return of the series' graphic Devour ability.

In past Natural Selection games, Onos players could devour Marine players causing them to sit out of the game for up to 20 seconds until digested or rescued by a teammate. As demonstrated in the video above, devoured players will now be able to fight their way out of another player's digestion system. Speaking on a developer Q&A with Dillion Savage, Tyler Mullins revealed that the mechanic's return was highly requested by the community.

"I thought there would be a good spot in the game if we modified it a little bit," he said. "The biggest change is that the Marine does damage to it while he is inside, by punching it. And it really makes an Onos player really consider if they want to devour a Marine, as it is not uncommon at all to take an Onos down with a Marine inside. If there is another Marine around, you can almost guarantee you will die if you devour one."

Announced in April as an upcoming standalone release, Combat pits aliens against marines in first-person combat and removes the real-time strategy elements featured in other Natural Selection games. Players can also unlock weapons, aliens and technology with skill points.

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