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Star Citizen community votes to keep stretch goals as funding sails past $47M

Just as funding Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen surges past $47 million, the developer announced that it will honor the community's decision to keep goals, founder Chris Roberts announced in an official blog post.

With the last funding goal achievement, the developer asked its community to vote on whether or not they would like to keep goals. In the past, the goals unlocked rewards such as new ships, additional solar systems to explore, in-game equipment and more. Players were also often given the opportunity to vote on which rewards would unlock next. The vote on whether to keep player rewards resulted in 54 percent of the community voting in favor of retaining the goals.

"As I said last time, every dollar supports Star Citizen's persistent universe... but I'm not comfortable promising additional features with each million unless they're truly additive," Roberts wrote. "When we have a new idea that really impacts the final game and needs the funding then we'll offer it here... but you can expect a number of player rewards and new ways of highlighting Arena Commander as immediate goals!"

The latest stretch goal offers the last of the player-voted reward items, the Engine Tuning Kit. Hitting $49 million will unlock a "space plant" called a Xi'An tree. Star Citizen reached $44 million in crowd funding earlier this month. For more on Star Citizen and its recently released Arena Commander dogfighting module, check out our impressions from going hands-on with the mode.

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