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Kingdom Under Fire 2 trailer takes you to the battlefield

A new trailer for Kingdom Under Fire 2, a free-to-play, real-time strategy online game, shows off the game's battles using real gameplay, according to developer Blueside's Jessie Lee on the PlayStation Blog.

The trailer has been edited using gameplay from the developer's Blueside Engine and features "more detail and additional battle scenes" than past videos. According to Lee, the trailer's motif is a "raid mission — the war against Celes, who is a powerful monster and key character in Kingdom Under Fire 2."

"Each of the three playable characters in the trailer showcase their unique skills with various troops on the battlefield," Lee wrote. "However, they face a serious crisis thanks to a powerful attack by Celes. At that moment, Kendal — one of the main characters in the series — appears as support for the playable characters, and the war continues."

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. The game is one of 25 free-to-play titles heading to PlayStation 4.

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