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Bayonetta can dress like Princess Peach and Link on Wii U, here's how

Isao Negishi, director of the Bayonetta Wii U port, offers more details on the special abilities that comes with Bayonetta's classic Nintendo heroes and heroines-inspired costumes.

The console-exclusive costumes lets players dress the witch up like Princess Peach, Link from The Legend of Zelda or Samus Aran from Metroid in the Wii U port of Bayonetta. According to Negishi, all of the costumes were carefully checked by the game's original director, Hideki Kamiya, who was "very particular about how each costume should look before passing approval."

The Peach costume allows players to summon Mario series villain, Bowser, who offers a stomp attack. "Maybe she didn't draw a big enough magic circle, because it looks like we can only see his arms and legs, LOL," Negishi wrote. "Yet watching Bowser pummel enemies with punches and kicks is a sight to behold. That first thrill you get when Bowser slams the enemy with his fist is quite an unforgettable experience."

With Link's costume on, Bayonetta can use the Master Sword when players equip the Shuraba. "Wicked Weaves will create a giant Master Sword that slices enemies clean in two," he wrote, adding that the outfit also changes some of the game's sound effects. "Remember that classic Zelda jingle that plays every time you open a treasure chest? With this costume on, you'll get to hear it! We've included a few other sound effects well, all taken from A Link to the Past with Nintendo's permission."

Negishi notes that even though Samus' powered suits have gone through many iterations throughout the Metroid series, Kamiya requested that the first game's suit to be featured in Bayonetta.

"One special feature that comes with the Samus suit is the ability to put the visor up or down during cut scenes. I think you'll be surprised how fun this is," Negishi added. "See how good it feels to slam your visor down right after telling an enemy off, or discover the amusement in endlessly going up-down-up-down during the game's more serious moments. This can put the game's cut scenes in whole new light!"

First unveiled as a Wii U exclusive by Nintendo in 2012, the company announced during its E3 digital event that action game Bayonetta 2 will come to Wii U this October. The original Bayonetta, released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009, will also be offered as part of the package.

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