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Here's a visual tour of League of Legends' Summoner's Rift update

League of Legends' most common map, Summoner's Rift, is getting an update — here's a new video from developer Riot Games walking players through the new changes.

According to the above video, Riot's goal with the map's overhaul is to make all information available to players more readable on-screen, the goal being to have players drawn to the most important information at the moment it is important — like breakout fights and special particle effects. Color, lighting and saturation effects have been balanced to avoid situations like monsters unknowingly creeping up on players.

Players should be focusing on attacking their enemies, not trying to see around obscuring objects in the environment. Flashable walls have been added to allow players to better see what's behind them, such as ward placements.

This updated version of Summoner's Rift is slated to drop sometime in the next few months. Check out our detailed explainer on what these changes mean, and why players should care.

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