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Batman: Arkham Knight's PS4-exclusive DLC will make players fight a giant Scarecrow

The PlayStation 4-exclusive downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Knight will feature players facing off against a giant version of the villain Scarecrow and an entire city tripping on hallucinogens, according to the game's listing on the PlayStation website.

The Arkham Knight page mentions the "Scarecrow Nightmare Pack," during which Scarecrow's powerful nightmare-inducing toxins spread throughout the city of Gotham, making Batman's job a lot harder.

"Gotham falls victim to Scarecrow's fear toxin, transforming the famous city into a twisted, hellish nightmare in the Batman: Arkham Knight Scarecrow Nightmare Pack," reads the description. "Tear through the city in the all-new Batmobile and face off against a towering vision of Scarecrow and his undead army as they spread terror on the streets, available exclusively on Playstation 4."

The PS4-exclusive DLC — featuring the deranged, half-sewn together Scarecrow — was revealed during Sony's E3 press conference during the expo earlier this month. Batman: Arkham Knight will launch next year for PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

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