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Where did Battlefield: Bad Company go?

Developer EA DICE isn't sure what players want from a Battlefield: Bad Company game, general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson told Eurogamer.

When Electronic Arts revealed the next installment in its Battlefield first-person shooter series this year, it revealed a brand new property, not a sequel to the franchise's numbered entries or to Battlefield: Bad Company, an offshoot that's gone for years without a sequel. That's in part because EA DICE doesn't quite understand players' expectations for Bad Company, Troedsson said.

"We take all this into account when we think about the future, and do franchise strategy," he said. "But there's one thing that lingers with Bad Company that we've been asking ourselves: what is it that the people really liked about Bad Company?"

Series fans enjoy the games' single player and multiplayer offerings, both of which can overlap with other Battlefield games. To other players, Bad Company's characters set it apart.

"It's scary to go back and try to remake an old fan favorite when actually no one can really put their finger on what it is people love," he said. "Bringing back the characters and creating a great single-player out of that, sure, I can understand that.

"But some people say this: The Bad Company 2 multiplayer is the best you've ever done. OK, why is that? It's hard for people to articulate what that is, which is actually hard for us. It would be hard to remake something like that. Can we do it? Of course. We have our theories when it comes to the multiplayer."

Press play below to see six minutes of gameplay for Battlefield Hardline, the franchise's next installment, which is headed to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC Oct. 21 from Visceral Games.

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