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Peggle 2 adds 'wub wub' and a familiar master today for $1.99

Peggle 2 players can add returning character Jimmy Lightning and new levels to their game today with the latest downloadable content, the Jimmy Lightning Master Pack, PopCap Games announced.

Jimmy Lightning, first introduced in Peggle, is a "punk skater kid" who loves dubstep and grants players an extra ball. The $1.99 pack includes Jimmy and his dubstep-inspired classical theme, as well as 10 levels, 10 trials, 30 objectives, three unlockable costumes and three achievements. Check out the trailer above for more on the making of Jimmy.

The last Peggle Master added to the game was Windy the Fairy, who has the ability to turn low-scoring pegs into high point-value targets. The DLC was released for $1.99 and came with new levels, trials, stage objectives, achievements and master costumes.

Peggle 2 was released for Xbox One last year and followed with an Xbox 360 launch in May. According to the trailer, the DLC will only be available for Xbox One.

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