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Titanfall's next game update adds featured game modes, Titan Burn Cards and more

The next update slated for Titanfall is bringing with it a handful of new Burn Cards and accompanying features, as well as a new game mode and Featured Games Mode playlist, according to a post on the game's official website.

The update will be applied to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of the game. The Featured Game Modes playlist will be added to the playlist rotation and will cycle through modes regularly. The first playlist will feature the new mode Marked For Death, in which a player on each team will be marked as the target. Players must kill all opponents while protecting their marked teammate.

Players will also gain access to 14 new Burn Cards adding new "amped" Titan weapons and abilities. These cards won't be lost when Pilots die, but rather when you die as a Titan. Titans with Burn Cards will be highlighted in orange and those with active cards will be marked on the HUD. Burn Cards will also now have an overflow protection feature that will prevent players from losing the opportunity to earn rare burn cards when a deck is full. Players' Burn Cards can now exceed the maximum deck size but before arming a new Burn Card, players have to discard enough cards to go back down to the max requirement. Max deck size is now 46, up from the previous 26 cards.

Matchmaking has also been improved; teams will be rearranged just before levels load to balance skill and headcount. Titans can also now be customized with unlockable insignias and three different voice over options that will now give players more verbal suggestions and warnings in battle. The update also brings with it a handful of minor features, including new ways to unlock certain chassis and the ability to see the name of the Titan you rodeo.

The Xbox One version of Titanfall is also getting a score of bug fixes and tweaks, as well as new achievements attached to the Expedition DLC maps.

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