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Payday 2's first DLC packs finally hit PS3

The first downloadable content packs for co-op shooter Payday 2, previously only released for the Windows PC version, are available now on PlayStation 3, 505 Games and Overkill Software announced today.

The publisher initially revealed its plans during E3 to release the DLC packs on PS3 and Xbox 360. The DLC roll-out includes the Armored Transport DLC, which allows groups of up to four players to rob armored transport vehicles and trains, as well as the first two Gage Weapon Packs. All three packs add a multitude of new weapons and weapon modifications — such as frag grenades and auto-fire abilities, cloakers, light machine guns — masks and other customization materials. Players can purchase all packs as the Swag Bag #1 for $10.00.

Payday 2's DLC packs are currently available on the Windows PC version, with the most recent one, the Big Bank Heist playable at E3. The new DLC features the biggest heist put together for the game to date and offers players more replayabity with the new features it introduces.

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